High Tech Solution to Hand Bagging Mr.Pickles’ Business!

You love taking puppy for a walk and he sure loves it, too.  And he sure loves giving you a nice pile of poo to bag up.  Lovely.  Well here you go…

Big Dogs

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been developing  quadru-ped robotic pack mules for a while.  Boston Dynamics, a contractor for the military, has been working on a four-legged robot they’ve dubbed Big Dog.  Yesterday they took the dogs on a demo-run for the Marine Corps at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, in Virginia.

According to DARPA program manager Lt. Col. Joe Hitt, “(Big Dog has) the ability to go from a 1- to 3-mph walk and trot over rough, rocky terrain…to a 5-mph  jog”.  As can be seen in the video below, this dog is no dummy.


Big Dog is more the size of a Yak and is designed to carry heavy gear for troops over rugged, varying terrain.  It can follow them autonomously, and respond to verbal and visual commands, but so can a Yak.  But a Yak requires food and will poo almost as much as your Mr.Pickles after eating pizza.

A smaller version could be developed to carry small payloads, like beverages, and will not require feeding or cleanup.  And taking this a step further, he won’t bite or fight, although outfitting Big Dog with a Tazer might be fun!



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