More PhoneCam Smoothies

SlingShot Handgrip and Tripod


September 26, 2012 by Douglas Black enerficiency

A follow up to a recent post GET SMOOTH, yet more in a plethora of products designed to help you with your new phone’s camera/video capabilities.

The Slingshot by WOXOM ( looks pretty simple.  It can cradle your iPhone sideways and with the grip you can hold it vertically.  The maker claims that the tool will accommodate any smart phone, with or without a case, but our guess is that it would only work horizontally.

Keeping your shots jiggle-free will depend mostly on your own smoothness of arm movement, but the single grip will certainly help.  For more solid shots the grip converts to a mini-tripod for flat surfaces like tabletops.

In any case, for $20 you can’t go wrong with this gadget.

FLEX holder and tripod for iPhone or Droid

FLEX iPhone holder

We also came across the iStabilizer FLEX mount.  Semi-rigid legs makes this mountable to odd places, and the patent pending iStabilizer Mount allows you to quickly switch devices. Price is around $30 and we think worth the extra.


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