My Head Is Spinning (But Not From A Loud Guitar)

Warp Drive Bubble per NASA

WARP Drive Bubble Craft

We are getting closer than ever to hearing James Tiberious Kirk say “I NEED WARP DRIVE NOW SCOTTY!”

My head is spinning after going through a NASA white paper which supports the “Breakthrough Propulsion” objectives detailed in the NASA OCT TA02 In-space Propulsion Roadmap regarding next 50 years of space travel.

Titled “Eagleworks Laboratories: Advanced Propulsion Physics Research”, the research was authored by Dr. Harold “Sonny” White, Paul March, Nehemiah Williams, and William O’Neill.



Essentially the idea is that you don’t move through space – space moves around you – at hyper-light speeds.  As my friends at Gizmag put it,

The warp effect uses gravitational effects to compress the spacetime in front of a spacecraft, then expand the spacetime behind it. The bit of spacetime within the warp bubble is flat, so that the spacecraft would float at zero-g along the wave of compressed and expanded spacetime. The net effect is rather like surfing, where you are nearly stationary with respect to the wave, but are traveling with the speed of the wave. Whereas many of the theoretical studies consider a warp bubble moving at ten times the speed of light, there is no known limit to the potential speed.

Traveling in a bubble of compressed gravity, one could theoretically travel at ten times the speed of light, or faster.


Tough to get my mind around the physics, but the pictures are real cool…


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