Our Man On Mars Update

Curiosity Self Portrait

Handsome Devil

by Douglas Black, November 6, 2012


Curiosity took a time out from performing his lonely tasks on the Red Planet to take a self portrait.  Handsome devil, no?

He also reports that the composition of the air is completely unsuitable, nearly 100 times thinner than that of sea-level Earth.

Further, Our Man On Mars reports that the oxygen content is 2 percent or less, making the possibility of a Bradbury-like outpost a distant, if ever, scenario.

Still, it is an interesting thought.

Less Oxygen Than Expected


Mr. Black is a high performance car enthusiast, always with an ear to the pavement for what’s fast and new.  He began blogging enerficiency On The Road in 2001, and now continues reporting from Auto Shows and Swap Meets at his Hot Flying Rats! blog – flyingratz.wordpress.com

He also uses his MagicEightBall to predict sporting outcomes and shares on his blog M8B4Cast.wix.com/sportsblog.

Photography is a lifelong passion for Douglas Black, and while not capturing enthusiastic smiles at Wrigley Field and other sports venues around Chicago, he captures moments in the built environment.

And in his spare time, he works on getting that Captains License, expecting to retire on the water one day, taking photos.


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