Robopacolypse Update

I Knew It, Those Damn Flying Monkeys Again…December13, 2012.

One Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Armed UAV

Flying robots with arms are being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is the quasi-military, top secret group who, since 1958 has been out front on wild ideas before our enemies, or any number of the worlds malcontents, gets them first.

Advanced weaponry, extreme environments, and cyber innovation are just an example of DARPA interests.  Terminator-like robots are just one of their projects, as we have reported before.



In a press release dated December 6, 2012 DARPA revealed a flying robotic device with at least one arm.  This hovering unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, can reach out to another object whilst remaining airborn.  Sounds like flying monkeys to me.

See video of test flight.

Our friends at Gizmag reported

DARPA utilized an existing V-Bat UAV, made by California-based MLB Company. The stock V-Bat can fly horizontally to quickly reach its destination, then hover in a tail-down orientation once it gets there.

The DARPA team added a folding robotic arm to the UAV, along with an inexpensive stereoscopic computer vision system – this incorporated one camera on the end of the arm, and another on the aircraft itself.

Recently we reported on (link) BIG DOG and Cheetah.  Yes, as you can imagine, four-legged robots that run and carry a pack load (also being developed by DARPA).

Here is a very cool YouTube video of a weaponized BIG DOG.

And now, in a related story, a very terminator looking android that can run along side BIG DOG, presumably with advanced weaponry.

See YouTube video of PETMAN


Small detail…what happens when we mass produce and they get a virus like Yul Brynner did in Michael Crichton’s “Westworld“?   Just sayin’.





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