My 15 Fav Photos From Followed Friends

by Douglas Black, December 28, 2012

Besides the Worst Apacolypse EVER, I think the year 2012 will be known for its explosion of posted pictures.  Androids, iPhones and all of the great little digital cameras have made some pretty darn good shutterbugs out of the rank and file.  Add Instagram and twitpics and Pinterest and …. well, this is a good time for browsing shots of castles, classic cars, sunsets and the Aurora Borealis At work, instead of doing your work at work.

So here are my fifteen favorites taken from some of the bloggers and posters I follow, as well as a couple of my own.  I’ve given credits wherever I can – some I really just don’t know.  Enjoy.

Kevin Best Still Life Flowers, Lemons, Violin

Kevin Best Still Life

Still Life Flowers, Lemons, Violin Kevin Best has an amazing technique, creating still life’s reminiscent of Old Dutch Master paintings.

“A fantastically difficult image to bring together. The table is new as is the rather loud cloth. This was made for a commisson I’ve been working on, this one didn’t make the final cut. Which is still deep in the approval process. I’m quite pleased really, because I really like this and it would be a shame to not be able to edition it”, says Best.


Curoisity Self

Curiosity Self Portrait.  credit NASA, 2012.  This is one of the most significant shots in history – Our man on Mars arrives and sends back  a “Wish You Were Here” shot.


Desert Road to Turagi by Renee

Desert Road to Turagi

Desert Road to Turagi, by Renee, 2012, This young lady from New Zealand is very talented indeed.  This shot is from a day trip in New Zealand, taken with a Fujifilm Finepix AV110 camera.  Her award winning blog is called The Odd One Out…, check it out at


Olympic Moon

Olympic Moon

Olympic Moon  Photograph by REUTERS/Luke MacGrego This iconic photo quickly became an Olympic symbol of cooperation and achievement during the London games.


Laurens Release

Lantern Release

Yi Peng Lantern Release,   from Lauren’s travel blog 2012,  where the young physicist is documenting her travels abroad – going on 18 months now!  Take a look at her monthly accounting records – almost make you feel as though you are part of her team!


Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Echos of Silence, by Peter Nijenhuis, 2012.  The beauty and mystical ambience of Ta Prohm. Angkor, Cambodia.


French Photogragher Philippe Ramette self

Self, Philippe Ramette

Self, Philippe Ramette, 2012.  I am just enthralled with the whimsical nature of this French Photogragher.


The Sleeping Goddess

The Sleeping Goddess

The Sleeping Goddess, by The Lost Gardens of Heligan.  2012.  I don’t know much about this, but I know it looks fantastic.  If I were hiking through the forest and came upon her I would lie down and spoon with her!


Cincinnati - Across the River, Looking Into Kentucky, Seth 2012

Across the River

Cincinnati – Across the River, Looking Into Kentucky, Seth Johnson 2012.  I really like Seth’s technique and his “stressed-out” use of color and contrast.  Every shot is interesting in its own way.  Follow his photo blog at


My Town Chicago. Unknown Poster on Pinterest.

My Town Chicago

My Town Chicago, 2012 Unknown Poster on Pinterest.


Guinness taken with iPhone

Guinness Gate

Guinness,  unknown poster 2012, Captured with an iPhone.


Korean TriplePlay

Korean Three Play

Korean Three Play.  Douglas Black,  This was done with cheap 2mp camera phone with no post manipulation at all. (One of mine)


3Frames at Sedgwick

Three Frames at Sedgwick

Three Frames at Sedgwick. Douglas Black.2012.  I shot this with my new ‘Droid phone device with a resolution of  3.6mp.


Untitled Lomography by superlighter


Untitled, by superlighter 2012, by superlighter  An example of the growing interest in old film tech – analog rather than digital so to speak.  Shot with a Brownie 2 film camera and multiple exposures were involved.


Worth mentioning as well…


Micro Dollar

MicroLending,   by Redditor jimineyprickit, 2012. I saw this on, explaining  how the photographer rigged a cheap laser pointer lens to the face of an iPhone camera lens with no more than a paper clip and duct tape – voila! fabulous results!



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