Want Your Smartphone To Feel More Like A Camera?

iPhone Skins look like a Leaca

The Problem With Taking Pics on a Mobile Device –

It’s Just Awkward. (That’s right, I said that!)

Well, maybe not everyone has the plethora of problems some do when it comes to wrasslin’ the “Droid to get a shot of the Bugatti driving past.

Face it, smart phones aren’t that easy to hold and talk into; then screen tap; then find the damn volume button.  Now take a photo, holding it still, tap the screen….wait….damn, it went sideways on me again.

There’s a reason that so many digital cameras have a hand grip built into their bodies – it makes them easier to hold onto when taking pictures. Unfortunately for people whose smartphone doubles as their camera, phones lack such a feature. London-based product designer Lee Harris decided to address that shortcoming, with his snappgrip case for iPhones 4 and 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3.


Snapgrip add-on for Smartphone


When you’re not taking pictures, the snappgrip looks and acts just like a regular protective smartphone case. When it’s time to do some serious picture-taking, however, you just snap on its hand grip/controller.

Not only does this device let you get a firmer grip on the phone, but it also has controls on its top surface that allow you to activate the shutter, change between shooting modes, and zoom in or out. On the bottom, there’s a standard tripod mount hole, a standby switch for saving power between shots, and a mini-USB port for charging its lithium-ion battery.




The unit communicates with the phone via Bluetooth, and a custom iOS or Android app.

Harris and his business partner Rex Chen are currently raising production funds for the snappgrip, on Kickstarter. A pledge of  $46 (£29) will get you one, when and if they’re ready to go. The estimated retail price is around $99.

Sources:   Gizmag , Kickstarter




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