The Birthday Gift of Curiousity

Curiosity Panorama

Curiosity Panorama

by Douglas Black, February 24, 2013

Our Man On Mars gives the people of America the best photo ever from Mars, taken Friday proudly atop a perch called “John Klein”.  That of course was February 22, the birthday of the first President of the United States of America George Washington.  And it was my birthday, too.  Thanks, Curiosity.

Opportunity, the most recently active predecessor of Curiosity on the Red Planet, celebrated an outstanding 9th year on-the-job with his own panoramic pic.  SEE PREVIOUS POST

No setup of fancy pants tripod, not for our guy.  He is seasoned!

Using a similar technique of (not kidding) grasping a handheld camera device on a robotic arm and pivoting it around in true selfy-pic fashion, it looks like our man has some pretty awesome resolution happening up there (down there, over there, wherever) .  Must be an Android on ‘Roids.

At the top of this post is the low-res version.  Do yourself a favor and click open the High-Resolution version here.  So detailed, you can even see the drill dust a work done drilling a small core in front of Curiosity’s foot.  And just look at that sun of ours – same one looking down on us right now!

The John Klein flat spot is in the Yellowknife region of Gale’s Crater, where work has been performed for a few weeks.  Thank you for the Birthday Gift, Curiosity!  Now, you’re wasting time, pal!   Move along!

John Klein Bluff, Yellowknife, Gales Crater

HiRes John Klein Bluff, Yellowknife, Gales Crater   –  CLICK ON PIC FOR FULL SIZE


Douglas Black

Douglas Black

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