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Window Socket Solar Charger

Window Socket Solar Charger

by Douglas Black, April 29, 2013

Some of us want things less complicated, not more.  There are so many options on SmartGadgets and SmartGizmos that simply baffle me.

If you also fall into that same category, (on/off is good) then here is a high tech solar charger for both of us.

Two clever inventors have introduced the Window Socket, a single electrical outlet you literally stick to the window and the integrated solar cells charge your device.  Internal storage capacity allows you to take it with you for 10 hours of battery life when fully charged.

According to the designers, Kyohu Song and Boa Oh:

“We tried to design a portable socket, so that user can use it intuitively without special training,” they write.

Oh, you’re speaking my language.

How it Works

How it Works

A travel adapter plug would be necessary for my stuff here in Chicago, and I am pretty sure a south facing window would work best, but this looks like a real winner to me.

Almost as good as The Clapper.



Window Plug

Sources:  Grist.org , yankodesign.com


Douglas Black

Douglas Black

About Douglas Black

Douglas Black is a photojournalist and

green technologies analyst out of Chicago,

and is currently Managing Producer for

ENERSPEC/enerficiency and Hot Flying Rats!

Earlier Douglas promoted greentech in Detroit as

Senior Marketing Strategist and Architect.

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