Avoid Tummy Troubles During Climate Devastation,

Spicy Mango Soup  by Douglas Black 11/11/13

This is one of those happy mistakes one sometimes makes.  Having very little to work with, or at least some refrigerator orphans, I put a dish together on this cold and rainy Veterans Day while listening to reports from the devastation caused by the First Great Typhoon.

I am still trying to get my brain around the concept of a planet literally acting as the hand of God, wiping out civilizations.  And certainly those poor souls lost, and survivors dying of thirst and starvation leave me feeling helpless.

When I actually looked, that earlier feeling that my cupboards were bare seemed silly at best, and insensitive and rude at worst.   So, I used nearly everything.


RECIPE (for one) all microwave

1 sorry looking yellow bell pepper

1 scary looking jalapeño pepper

2 cloves garlic I forgot was in the empty onion bag

1 Romano tomato, kind of green inside

1 shriveled apple (just the quarter that looks ok)

1 tbsp olive oil

1 pkg (4oz) Kids “Orange Mango Puree w Coconut Milk” Lunch Drink

2 Hot Sauce packets from King Burrito 24hr Taco Joint on Chicago Ave.

2 cups water

1 Chicken Bouillon Cube

Here is what you do. 

First put water and bouillon cube in large microwave safe bowl and go for 10 minutes.

While that heats up, chop yellow pepper, interrupt cooking, drop peppers in, and resume cooking.

Next, do the same with then jalapeño, but only include the seeds you have courage for.

By then the initial cook time should be accomplished – let it sit while you work.

The garlic needs only to be peeled, chopped into very thin slices, one the chopped finer.  Add to soup, let sit.

Now dice your tomato but do NOT put the sticker or the really ugly looking  skin parts into the mix.

Start micro for another 5min.

Dice your apple (again, leave out the ugliest parts) and add with the olive oil.

Continue micro until it quits.  Now you should have been cooking in microwave for 156min, and sitting in the mix for another 5, unless you got distracted by Twitter feeds like me, in which case you’ve let it sit in the micro\wave unattended for 30 minutes.

Add Mango puree and hot sauce packets and cook for another 5 minutes.

Let it all sit in a Tupperware bowl with lid in the fridge for an hour, reheat and serve with bread or crackers (I had dozens of packaged Saltines that were gone in no time).


While I was counting on the hot peppers to kill any bacteria, YOU should be aware of old or spoiled ingredients that may cause you tummy trouble… NOT MY FAULT!

Microwave times may vary and sipping tastes from the bowl can burn your mouth…NOT MY FAULT!

PLEASE! Take this as I intend…all honor to those in peril from the Typhoon.  And those poor lost souls.  But this climate change is the shape of things to come.  I may not feel the full effects as I am older.  But you younger people should be prepared to survive, and live on very little when weather devastates your known climate, comfort zone, and pushes you toward extinction.

The take away?  Look for creative ingredients to avoid tummy troubles.

DouglasBlack stylized w beard

by Douglas Black,   photog and writer in Chicago (google it)


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