ShockMe the Robocop

China's Security Robot

China’s Security Robot

by Douglas Black, April 26, 2016

In another step from science fiction to scary reality, China’s National Defense University unveiled a security robot designed to patrol the streets and “protect against violence or unrest.”

While this one is more like the offspring of “R2D2” and the robot “Robot” from Lost in Space, it does possess the ability to “taze” threatening organic life forms, autonomously or by remote control.  Deployed in battalions they would prove impervious to rock-throwing hoodlums and umbrella carriers blocking the streets of Hong Kong.



800px-Big_dog_military_robotsWhile this may seem innocuous, even comical, the US government through DARPA has been developing “Big Dog” as an infantry pack animal capable of also firing bullets.

Robocop and Terminator come to mind.  But this should all end well. Yeah, sure it will.




DBlack bnw Douglas Black writes and lives in Chicago.


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