Not Your Daddy’s Camper

May 26, 2016  by Douglas Black   UPDATE: NASA had some troubles with their new pup-tent. This always happens when I go camping, too.

It “grew in size by just a few inches, which was also less than expected.”  Yes, that too.

Since the expansion did not go as planned, NASA and Bigelow are taking a time-out to evaluate the data to try to understand why and figure out what to do next. “If the data supports a resumption of operations,” said a NASA communications officer, “another attempt to complete the module’s expansion could come as early as tomorrow.”


Bigelow ISS PopoutLook out campers, this expandable bump-out is outta this world.  Quite literally.

Deployed today on the International Space Station (ISS), this inflatable space room prototype built by Nevada-based Bigelow Aerospace could pave the way to inflatable moon bases and more.

Dubbed the BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module) is an expandable space habitat which will provide more usable internal volume per unit of launch mass than do traditional rigid modules.

In its compressed configuration, the 3,000-lb. (1,360 kilograms) BEAM module measures 7.1 feet long by 7.75 feet wide (2.16 by 2.36 meters). When fully expanded, the expandable is 13.16 feet long and 10.5 feet wide (4.0 by 3.2 m) and will provide 565 cubic feet (16 cubic m) of increased habitable volume, NASA officials said.

With the successful deployment of BEAM on the ISS, Bigelow Aerospace is now developing an expandable module called the B330, which will feature 11,650 cubic feet (330 cubic m) of internal volume. Bigelow envisions launching B330s to serve as private space stations and the backbone of human outposts on the moon and Mars.






























DBlack bnw Douglas Black is a photographer, historian, and amateur astrophysicist in Chicago.




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