The Dr. Strange Universe of Trump

by Douglas Black  November 9, 2016


The newly released film ‘Dr. Strange’ explores ideas involving the multiverse and a friend of mine and I just had a deep conversation involving Mr. Trump and alternate universes. To all of my friends who are Trump supporters I must say he has impressed me with his grab of the golden chalice.

My buddy claims that, if the quantum leaning multiverse theory is true, then President Trump is now a reality in half of the other-verses out there, whereas I contend that in an effervescence leaning multiverse (my belief) Mr. Trump fizzled out in most alternate universes during the primaries, and was beaten by both the Greens and Libertarians in many others.

In ours alone, I posit, Mr. Trump really demonstrates his hyper-alpha dog ability to rise above the pack, having succeeded beyond all reasonable predictability and normality.  An anomaly in the realm of multiverses.

In fact, I would suggest that, in another universe, Donald Trump is Ukrainian and just won as President of the Ukraine where next week he begins a successful hostile corporate takeover of Putin’s Russia.  Yes, he is that good, even in this universe.

But in our universe, we still have checks and balances.  At least for the time being, but time adds a new dimension to consider.

Let’s not even use Time Travel and Trump in the same sentence.


DBlack bnw Douglas Black writes speculative fiction and blogs science stuff from a room high above the street in Chicago.


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