Laurel Wreath of Empire

Americus Augustus Trumpius

I typically shy away from political statements or positions in this blog, with the exception of climate science.  But today I feel compelled to speak my piece, and welcome shares or comments.

Donald Trump is not that smart.  I have known businessmen like him who were given far too much credit for cleverness and business savvy when their success was built upon a stratagem of unethical behavior, buying influence, and bullying.  Trump has taken this business model to the penultimate degree.  The only step higher would be empirical totalitarianism, and I believe if the Laurel Wreath of Emperor were within his grasp, Donald Trump would take it.

Our democratic system of government is at stake.  We must rely on our mechanism of government to at least clip the wings of dictatorship now, or at most, impeach the President and let V.P. Pence and Speaker Ryan hold the office for the balance of the term.

What do you think?


 Douglas Black is an historian, futurist, writer and photographer in Chicago.


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