Creepy Crawly Bot Bugs

by Douglas Black  October 24, 2016 In what is yet another way to creep us into a future of submission to mechanical overlords, Researchers from MIT and Stanford University introduced these crawly-bots at the User Interface Software and Technology Symposium.  These centimeter sized Rovables roam all over their human vehicles, dare I say it, like bugs, by…

More Scary Stuff About Robots

June 15, 2016  by Douglas Black One step closer to a very dangerous Rise of the Machines, researchers have created a robot that crawls right out of its mothership-slash-3D-Printer.  Humans at the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have created a process that in a single run can create a solid and liquid robot, including…

Not Your Daddy’s Camper

May 26, 2016  by Douglas Black Look out campers, this expandable bump-out is outta this world.  Quite literally. Deployed today on the International Space Station (ISS), this inflatable space room … Source: Not Your Daddy’s Camper

ShockMe the Robocop

by Douglas Black, April 26, 2016 In another step from science fiction to scary reality, China’s National Defense University unveiled a security robot designed to patrol the streets and “prote… Source: ShockMe the Robocop