More Scary Stuff About Robots

June 15, 2016  by Douglas Black One step closer to a very dangerous Rise of the Machines, researchers have created a robot that crawls right out of its mothership-slash-3D-Printer.  Humans at the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have created a process that in a single run can create a solid and liquid robot, including…

Not Your Daddy’s Camper

May 26, 2016  by Douglas Black Look out campers, this expandable bump-out is outta this world.  Quite literally. Deployed today on the International Space Station (ISS), this inflatable space room … Source: Not Your Daddy’s Camper

ShockMe the Robocop

by Douglas Black, April 26, 2016 In another step from science fiction to scary reality, China’s National Defense University unveiled a security robot designed to patrol the streets and “prote… Source: ShockMe the Robocop


My Nuclear Experience AT Gunpoint   by Douglas Black,  March 29, 2016   (This blog was originally posted on my ENERFICIENCY Blog in June of 2002 shortly after the so-called “dirty bomb… Source: NUKE SECURITY